About the spot

Barra Grande's main spot is on the beach, and changes a lot from low-tide to high-tide. At low tide, clear flat water will run through channels, filling up pools of fun.
At high-tide, if you don't enjoy the choppy water, downwind 1km to the lagoon, cross the sand bank, and enjoy flat water there.


Macapà is the name of the fisherman's village on the otherside of the river mouth. Here you can find both wave and flat spots, must be discovered both at high and low tide.
It's only 3km away, so you can make it a nice day downwind trip, and if you have the legs, back upwind. If you don't want to upwind back, no problem, we can organise a donkey to pick you up.

Kite Trips & Lessons

The Delta do Parnaiba is a perfect day trip. Discover the 2nd largest river mouth in the world with only the force of the wind. Contact us for more information.
The Kite School is only 100m away. If you wish to learn the basics of kitesurfing, you must plan at least 3 day's of lessons.

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  • Rua São Benedito, 10
    Barra Grande, Cajueiro da Praia
    Piauí, Brazil